Vents & domelights & Louvres

Roof vents and dome lights


Off the shelf and bespoke roof solutions

From off-the-shelf products to fully bespoke solutions, we have hatches, roof vents and dome lights to suit your project.


Polycarbonate domelight includes for highly
insulated upstands and various drives applicable.


Louvres to incorporate sleek programmable drive
with anti-finger trap function.


High aerodynamic ventilation efficiency
for smoke ventilation.

  Multiple variations of sizes, colours and upstands.  

All-in-one solutions

Our roof-mounted ventilation solutions are available for smoke and natural ventilation systems. Each solution also interfaces with our own control solutions to create a total all-in-one solution.


Meet EN12101-2 smoke ventilation standards with:

Single flap roof vents opening to 140°
(dome lights and metal flaps).
Double flap roof vents opening to 90°
(dome lights, glazed and metal flaps).

Co-efficient of discharge values extend up to a Cv of 0.75 -
one of the highest ratings available.


We also provide:

Elevated upstands to 900mm
Thermally insulated upstands and flaps
Double and triple-ply domes
Double glazed roof lights
Access hatches
Fail protection and burglar bars



Our metal and glass movable blade louvre systems are
available with manual and electric operation. Once again,
we provide natural ventilation systems and EN12101-2
certified smoke ventilation solutions.


Full range of louvre options:

Frameless single glazed louvre blades
Framed double glazed louvre blades including thermally broken extrusions
Single skin aluminium and double-skin insulated aluminium blades
Translucent double-skin polycarbonate blades
Insect, bird and burglar guards





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