Solutions Smoke Ventilation

Smoke causes 90% of fire deaths
In the chaos of a fire, the right technology can prevent catastrophe. Smoke ventilation saves lives. It also limits damage to buildings and businesses, therefore saving money.

At Dyer, we use advanced technology and our
in-depth understanding of fire and smoke behaviour to
create smoke ventilation systems that respond instantly and
effectively to fire whatever the building - new or old.

saving lives
limiting material damage
clearing escape routes
creating smoke-free space for fire fighters
delaying fire development
  As soon as smoke is detected, our system can automatically open smoke vents at the top and bottom of the building. The 'chimney effect' immediately forces toxic smoke, fire gases and heat out of the upper vents. Escape and access routes are cleared so people can evacuate safely. Smoke-free space is created for fire-fighters. Flashover that causes development of a fire is delayed or prevented.
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