Manual remote window controls

Controlling out-of-reach windows

With over 20 years' experience, we're one of the leading suppliers and installers of manual remote window controls.

Our range features systems to open and close out-of-reach windows in just about any location.


A cost effective and easy to install alternative for

opening high level windows.


Various opening mechanisms available.


Transmission elements provide the smooth opening of multiple windows.

  Flexible bespoke solutions available.  

Performance and versatility for new-builds and retro-fits

Reliable remote control for inaccessible windows
Unobtrusive opening mechanisms
Control for single or multiple openings
Ideal for many different window types
Fast, on-site installation for new-builds and retro-fits

Opening mechanisms

Chain openers for 250mm and 380mm openings
Heavy duty screwjack openers
Fork and swivel mechanisms for louvres
Locking openers for bottom-hung openings


Control operators and transmission

Flat operators and concealed operators
Mini and midi operators
Maxi heavy duty operators
Helical steel cable and lined conduit



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