Lift smoke control - LSC

Removing smoke - Saving Energy!
The top of lift shafts incorporate a permanently open vent for smoke ventilation. This also provides a permanent heat "drain" for the building, thereby causing excessive heating costs.


Remove smoke from lift shafts in the event of fire
through electrically controlled louvers and domelights.


LSC can also be linked into the stairwell
and corridor smoke systems.


Provides smoke monitoring throughout the length of the lift shaft.

  Save energy by reducing the heat loss of the building.  

The LSC system converts the existing vent into an automatic system which only opens in the event of fire. This then drastically reduces the heating costs of the building. It has been calculated that the system can achieve a 3-year pay-back in energy costs - perfect for a new-build, perfect for retrofitting, perfect for instantly reducing your energy bills!


The LSC intelligence

Compact control system energy saving
MicroSens detection
Openable domelight/louvre
Links into lift control
Links into existing smoke ventilation system
Natural ventilation options available
  A complete smoke ventilation system
can combine lift smoke control.

Which LSC system is right for your project?

Choosing the correct system is crucial.
For advice on the optimum choice for your
project, call the technical team on

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