Innovation -
Forward thinking
for future generations
Dyer understands that ventilation has an integral part to play in the future of building design, both on the impact to the users and the environment.

Traditionally, naturally ventilated buildings have provided more economical and environmentally-friendly solutions, but Dyer believes that we can make much greater strides.

Research & Development
We have invested substantially in R&D because this is an investment for the future. We have developed close working relationships with not only the University of Salford, but also with Envirolink, the Centre for Construction Innovation, and various Carbon Reduction groups.


We work and advise BMS companies and designers, ventilation consultants and architects. We see this as a 2-way process, as new and innovative concepts are constantly being formed and analysed. We are constantly striving to understand NEW ideas and technologies.

As well as our own R&D, we are always actively looking to embrace new products and solutions to offer our customers' competitive alternatives in today's markets.


Our recent contributions:
solis The new solar-powered chain motor for windows and vents - designed by Dyer!

Lift Smoke Control - LSC, the new energy-saving ventilation system for lift shafts, both for new-build and retrofit. Provides instant energy savings and a realistic pay back within 3 years!

Our commitment
Alongside our offerings to the market, Dyer has also committed to significantly reduce it's own carbon footprint.
Installing a new energy-saving heating management system within our warehouse
Installing new low energy lighting within our offices and warehouse
Using only low CO2 emission company vehicles and now rolling out hybrid vehicles
into the fleet
Offering Bike2work scheme for employees
Reviewing all suppliers' carbon footprinting


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