Smoke ventilation and natural ventilation
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In a world of rising expectations, buildings must perform in many ways. Above all, they have to be safe. They also have to be comfortable to work and live in. They have to be pleasing to the eye. And they have to be economical to build and energy-efficient to run. Increasingly, these demands are legal obligations. Where traditional ventilation methods fall short, our passive ventilation innovations for new builds and refurbishments deliver on every front.
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If fire breaks out, smoke vents open automatically at the top and bottom of the building. Thermal lift naturally draws smoke up and out clearing escape routes for occupants and limiting contents damage.
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Natural ventilation uses natural pressure and clever design, not fans or air-conditioning, to circulate fresh air and create comfortable temperatures all year round. Well-being levels are high. Running costs are low. Click here to find out more >>

As modern architecture increasingly incorporates extensive glazing you're faced with a building that becomes harder and harder to ventilate efficiently. While convention calls for a large-scale installation of heating and air-conditioning, our solutions provide incredible results at a fraction of the price, utilising the natural properties of air pressure and temperature to create smart airflow as well as exhaust unwanted and stale air. This form of passive ventilation dramatically reduces the installation requirements and will allow for substantial energy savings from day one, and can be installed as part of a new build or retro-fitted to any building of any age.

To complement the movement of fresh air through your building our solutions also include smoke ventilation systems that use the smoke's own heat to draw it up and out of your building effectively, clearing escape routes and reducing the risk of death from toxic fumes or smoke inhalation. Click through our site for more information on our range of ventilation systems, or contact us to speak to one of our specialists.

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